Outgoing GCSE Spec: GCSE Videos

GCSE Science Revision: GCSE Videos

These videos cover the older outgoing GCSE Science spec which has final exams in 2017. These videos are aimed at the AQA spec but there is a lot of cross-over with other exam boards such as Edexcel. I’d recommend that you check your spec for cross-over.

To get started, select the topic area from the menu on the left.

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  1. OH MY GOD….you have now idea how much you have helped me….my exam is on Tuesday…and you posted the biology stuff right on time….thank you sooo much…if it wasn’t you everything which I learnt wouldn’t have been so easy for me…so thank you so much and keep it going xXx

        1. thank you so much for your videos, i live in Northern Ireland so i thought the things you learn in England are different but apparently not. you have really helped me a lot and my physics is tomorrow and i’m pretty confident. thank you

          1. Hi there are a number of videos on crude oil. Go to the GCSE menu on the left and click the down arrow. Then go to Chemistry 1 and click the down arrow there. You will find two topics: Products from crude oil and also Alkenes. Click on these to find the videos that you are looking for. I hope that they’re useful.

      1. thank you so much you’r videos are great i have recently had a debate with my friends over what your real name is i think that it is steve, i would really appreciate if you could tell me? thank you keep up the videos.

    1. I just want to know what grades people have been getting by watching your videos only as they very helpful and helped me a lot with my mock exams, the only thing i have been revising on is with your videos and past papers, can i still pass the exam?

  2. I found these videos very useful but can I ask when will chemistry unit 3 videos come out?Also you talked about useful resources on this website, where could I find these and do you have any tips/advice on good revision sources for science revision as I am taking all my triple science exams this summer

    thank you

    1. I’m almost finished Physics 2 and then I’m going to finish Biology 1 and Physics 1. Then I’ll get started with Chemistry 3 but it might not be finished before the exams in May. I’ll also be uploading resources onto the site, for example tips on how to revise.

  3. This was seriously useful, thank you. It was recommended to me by a friend and I went on to recommend it to my friends. I ended up with an A and B in my chemistry unit 1 and 2 mocks and chemistry is my worst subject, so the videos proved really helpful.

      1. I went from a U to a b/a in biology 2, thankyou so much. The videos are so quick and to the point. It only took me about 3 days to cover the whole of biology. Best website I have found so far.

  4. Hi, You’re video in C2.1 Properties of Polymers doesn’t work and tells me the video is private. All the other videos work perfectly fine. Just this one video seems to have a problem.

    It would be great if you could solve this problem.


    1. Hi, I’ve decided to redo this video since it wasn’t as clear as I’d like. This should be up by the middle to end of the week, so if you could continue watching the remaining videos and then come back to it, that would be great.

  5. Hi, I really really struggle with chemistry unit 3 and am wondering when the videos will be out since they are very useful for my understanding. Thankyou the videos are very helpful.

  6. Hello there,
    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you dearly for all the efforts and time creating this wonderful website that has helped me hugely so far. I will be using your website for revision for the rest of the time I have left for my exams. To just to let you know that I have tried and experienced using other revision websites but none were most beneficial as yours. So I again, thank you so much.
    For A levels I will be choosing chemistry and biology, and I’ve heard that they’re quite hard and in depth comparing to GCSE, so I was just wondering if you’ll ever publish A level science videos as well? It will be such a life saver if you do so.
    Thank you again for everything

    1. Thank you very much for the comments. I’m trying to make very high quality and useful videos since I’m a teacher and I know how students find revision challenging so it’s always good to hear positive feedback. I am planning to make videos for A level Biology and Chemistry so watch out for them later in 2015. Good luck with your GCSEs and keep watching the videos.

  7. These videos are excellent. An exceptional effort and this one of the reasons why the Internet is turning into such a great source for learning. Thank you very much sir and your videos are proving extremely helpful for my revision! You explain everything extremely clearly and it is easy to understand.

  8. Hello,im a student currently in year 10 and your videos have helped me tons in my physics and and my chemistry lately, but unfortunately there is no match for my biology syllabus for Eg chapters such as Coordination and Blood and circulation.
    I would hugely appreciate i there would be an update of bio syllabus.
    Thank You so much for ur help and great videos and please keep up the awesome videos coming.Looking forward to the rest of the biology syllabus.

    1. Thanks for the comments and I’m glad to hear that the videos are useful. I’m currently finishing off the Unit 2 Physics work and then I’ll be sorting out the Unit 1 Biology so those videos will be appearing soon.

  9. You have been a god send for me! The science department at my school is okay but not the best. Your videos break down the topics perfectly and have helped me understand them more. I’m finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now thank you very much!

    1. I always love to hear from viewers who find the videos helpful. I’ve been teaching Science for sixteen years so I know what students find difficult and how to get the ideas across so it’s nice to get feedback like yours. Keep watching and I hope that you continue finding that they help and good luck in your exams.

  10. Hi,
    In your video you mentioned that there are worksheet exercises available on this website. Would you please tell me where i could find them.

    1. Hi, I’m afraid that these are a work in progress. I hope to be releasing some of these fairly soon but in the meantime, I would suggest that you go to AQA.org.uk and then select Science and download some past papers and markschemes. This will give you good exam practise.

  11. Hi. I just want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH you have no idea how much you have helped me through these videos! you actually teach me more than my science teacher no joke!
    Due to some problems I missed 2 whole years of high school and I came back in yr 11 few months now from my mocks and final exams and I know nothing about science only the things I had learnt in yr 7 and 8. I used to depress over my science grades but since I found this website it has been so helpful iv caught up with almost all the topics I missed and I am pretty confident I will do well in my exams, hopefully! thank you a hundred times your videos are not a drag there quick, understandable and straight to the point! I wish u all the best in life and thank you once again 😀

    1. I’m really happy to hear that my videos have helped you get your confidence with Science. Keep watching as I’m going to be uploading more between now and the exams. Also, you should download all the past exam papers from aqa.org.uk. If you do them and then mark them (the markschemes are also on there) then that will also help you as the same types of questions come up all the time. And good luck in your exams.

  12. Have no words to say… the videos are phenomenal and amazing. I feel so much more confident in science. Are you planning on making a unit 1 and 3 on biology?
    Also will A-Level clips on biology be available next year?
    Thank you very much!

    1. That’s very kind of you to say. I always like to hear from people who find the videos helpful. I will be making unit 1 Biology and Physics and you’ll start to see those appear soon. Unit 3 probably won’t be on until after your exams I’m afraid. And I will definitely be making videos on A level Biology as well. Good luck in your exams.

  13. Hi, I’d just like to say thank you so much for your videos. I’m finding them incredibly useful as a revision method and I’m definitely going to recommend them to all of my friends! With regards to science at my school, we have basically run out of time and are having to learn things pretty much all by ourselves but with your videos it’s like having a lesson – a fantastic lesson at that!
    Whatever grade I achieve in science I’ll owe it to you, thank you sir :)

    1. Thanks for your message. I’m glad to hear that my videos are helping you and I’m sure that your final grade will reflect all the hard work that you are putting in. I hope that your friends also find them useful and best of luck in your exams.

  14. Hello there, I was wondering if it’s possible to have the chemistry and biology unit 3 out before the exams? :(
    The whole year is behind in the syllabus and we’re rushing through it… and I find it difficult to understand everything that’s new 100% in a very fast pace; and also due to having chemistry and biology as my first two options for A levels, I’m needing to get good grades, and I need your help. :(

    1. I know that this is not what you want to hear but I don’t think I will be able to get them out by May which is when your exams are. In your situation, what I’d recommend is that you get hold of the CGP Biology and Chemistry revision guides since they cover Unit 3 pretty well. Then you can download unit 3 papers from the exam board (aqa.org.uk, if you’re following the AQA course). By using the revision guide and doing the past papers, you’ll find it’s easier than you think.

    1. Physics 1 is now being added. A couple of videos are now on and the remained will be added over the next few weeks. Biology 1 will be added between Easter and the exams in June.

  15. Hello there, I was just wondering if you are able to upload any worksheets before the exams? You’ve mentioned on some videos that will be some, but I’m finding difficulty finding them
    Thanks so much for the videos by the way

    1. Hi. This is something that I’m aiming to get done over the next year when I’ve finished the videos. Hope that’s ok and that you continue finding the videos useful.

  16. Hi, thanks for your videos they are great and have really helped me to understand topics i didn’t get before, i was wondering when will the unit 1 and 2 physics videos will be sorted out plus i am struggling with unit 3 for chemistry and biology and physics. We have not been able to cover them properly class so could you do any videos for them.

    1. Hi. I’m glad to hear that you’re finding the videos useful. The P2 videos are already on and I’m now uploading P1 videos and then I’ll do the B1 videos. I don’t think that I’m going to be able to get any unit 3 videos done before the exam I’m afraid since each one takes five hours. I’d recommend that you go to the AQA website and download the Unit 3 past papers and mark schemes. That’ll give you a good idea of where to focus your revision. I will be doing the Unit 3 videos for next year but I’m afraid that won’t be much use to you. If it’s any consolation, all of the Unit 2 videos are now on and the unit 1 videos are coming on fast.

  17. Hey there I have my unit two additional science exam next month, can you give me tips to achieve an A and should I make notes on all of your videos too?

    1. In the plant cell, the permanent vacuole is full of dissolved chemicals such as various salts etc (ie the cell sap). But the key feature is that it is packed with water. This means that the vacuole is applying pressure against the rest of the cell contents. This is resisted by the cellulose cell wall and this makes the cell turgid (ie full of water and firm). This is part of what gives a plant its support. I hope that that has answered your question.

  18. Hello, I was just wondering if you could give me some advise in achieving an A* in Chemistry and biology. I have went through every single video, and made in depth notes, etc (and also have used mygcsescience since not all of the videos of yours are up yet, unfortunately :( )
    But the thing is I struggle to constantly remember everything when it comes to the exam, it’s almost like I’ve never revised, and I was wondering if you have any other techniques than going through pass papers and revising through your videos?

    1. Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Your message seemed to get lost in the server and I’ve only just read it. Here’s what I recommend to my students. Firstly, make a list of the topics that you feel least confident with because these are the ones that you have to revise first. Pick one of the topics and watch the videos (or a revision book / other resources) and prepare a mind-map. Once you’ve done the mind-map, then go back through it and highlight the parts that you simply have to learn (definitions etc) and colour them red. Then get some revision cards (supermarkets sell them and they aren’t that expensive) and make a revision card for each thing that you want to learn. On one side you should ask a question (eg outline the stages of natural selection) and on the reverse, you write the answer. The actual act of making these cards is good revision in itself. Then you have to spend plenty of time going through those cards until you can answer them. Carry them around and if you have a few minutes, practise. Get your friends and relatives to test you.

      So as you can see, I’m a huge fan of mindmaps and revision cards. But you should also find time for the past-papers since the same types of questions frequently come up. And also, even though it’s nice to get A*s, you don’t have to get them in order to do well in A levels in those subjects if you want to. Best of luck.

  19. Thank you so much for creating these videos. I used to hate physics because I never used to understand it but now I love it. You make everything so simple and I am able to easily understand all topics. I was wondering how many of the triple videos will be completed before our triple exams since the are one of the first science exams we have. It would be so great if you could complete them before our exams but I know it takes a long time to create the videos so I know it may take some time. Thank you again. You have helped so many people.

  20. Thank you very much for making these videos. They are excellent, very detailed and contain all the information we need for the exams. I have achieved an A* in my biology, chemistry and physics mock exams thanks to you and I really hope I can get these results in the real exam coming up. I really am both grateful and jealous of your students who are probably finding science extremely easy because of your amazing teaching. I am sure they will all get perfect results. if you don’t mind and have time, I am very curious to find out which school you teach in?

    1. Hi and thanks for the comments. I’m glad that the videos helped you get your A*s in your mocks and hope that they help for your main exams. My students are like all students, so some are really good but some need more help. They do like Science though. I teach in a school in Manchester.

  21. Hello! I would just like to say that you are literally an angel sent from above (: seriously if only I had found your videos sooner. I hardly comment on sites/videos but I felt I had to as a way of saying thank you. Also, I was wondering how to find the worksheets you talk about sometimes on your videos, I’ve looked everywhere on this site but they’re nowhere to be found.

    1. Thanks for the comment, which made me laugh. That’s a new one. I’m afraid that when I started putting together the videos, I had planned lots of extra resources to support them but the videos take ages to make (five hours each on average) so I simply didn’t have the time. I decided that students would benefit more from having all the videos they needed rather than a smaller number but with worksheets. So I decided to focus on making the videos. However, I’d suggest trying to watch each video enough times so that you are very happy with the content and then do as many past-papers as you can. There are lots on the AQA website (http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/biology-4401/past-papers-and-mark-schemes)- change the word Biology to Chemistry or Physics to find those exams.Carefully mark them and that will tell you what the examiners are looking for.

      At the moment, all of unit 2 are on and half of unit 1 (all of Chem and half of Physics). I’m putting loads of unit 1 on now and hope to have completely finished in time for the exam.

  22. Hello- I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating these videos- they are so easy to understand and are very informative. Your videos have really helped me gain a better understanding of all three sciences and I really appreciate you making them so accessible for students without having to pay. I just had to comment on your website because I find your videos have really made a difference to me. Thank you once again for all your work, you have helped me immensely.

    1. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad that the videos are helping with your understanding. I think that it’s very important that every student should have access to quality lessons, without having to pay a penny. Many students find Science challenging but it really isn’t if it’s explained carefully. I hope that you continue to find the videos useful and best of luck in your exams.

  23. Hey there! I wish nearly every teacher was as good as you, you should be proud of helping countless students through tough times (=. I wanted to ask you a serious questions since you have had a lot of experience with teaching and exams. I said to myself at the start of year 11 that I would revise at least 2 months prior to exams but due to procrastination I’ve only got a 10 days left. My upcoming exams are all the science unit 2’s, business studies unit 1, ict unit 1 and 3 and then i have a week break. Do you think I could still get a couple of A’s if i start revising now and how do you think I should go about it?

    1. Thanks for the comment. You can get a huge amount done in ten days if you use the time well. You need to read the section on my website in the menu that says “Revise” and I think it will help. As far as getting As, you can only do your best but certainly don’t give up, you’ll be surprised how much you get done if you work hard. Good luck.

    1. I’m afraid that depends on too many factors to say eg you’d need to consider a student’s coursework mark, their work during the course, how they cope with exams etc. If you find my videos help then definitely watch them. I’d also recommend reading the section of my website under the menu “Revise”. However, you should aim to do every past paper you can and then mark them and very carefully look at any marks that you lost. Students can pick up a lot of marks by doing that. I would never be able to comment on a grade for a student that I didn’t know but I would say that plenty of hard work between now and the exams is the way to maximise your chances. Good luck.

  24. Hey, Im having some problems with the last 2 AQA chemistry topics; Acids, bases, salts and Electrolysis. I’ve watched your videos countless times and they are amazing for every other topic but for these 2 I just cant get my head around it. I’ve even bought the cpg book but its too complicated and with the exam a week away, im really stressed out. I think just because of these 2 topics i might fail my science exam

    1. Don’t panic. There are certain typical question types that often come up on these topics so it’s not as scary as it looks. You need to get hold of the past papers on Unit 2 Chemistry and look at the acids and alkalis and electrolysis questions. Here are some typical questions that often appear:

      What is the ion found in acids (H+)
      What is the ion found in alkalis (OH-)
      Write the equation for neutralisation (H+ + OH- produces H2O)

      They sometimes ask you to name the acid needed to make a certain salt (hydrochloric acid makes chlorides, sulfuric acid makes sulfates and nitric acid makes nitrates).

      They sometimes ask for you to suggest a pH for an acid (1-6) or an alkali (8-14) or a neutral solution (7).
      They sometimes ask why farmers use the salt ammonium nitrate (it’s used as a fertiliser to increase plant growth).

      There are other questions but you will see these on the past papers.

      They might ask why you have to melt a chemical or dissolve it in water for electrolysis (the IONS can move which means it can conduct electricity).
      For electrolysis of aluminium oxide, they sometimes ask why you use cryolite (lowers the melting point which saves energy), or why the positive electrode has to be replaced (electrode is made of carbon and reacts with the oxygen to form carbon dioxide).

      If it makes you feel any better, in the June 2014 exam, you only had to get 39/60 on Chemistry 2 to get an A, 30/60 was a B and 21/60 was a C. Also remember that if you are doing Double Award, the B2, C2, P2 and coursework marks all add together so if you struggle with a question or two, the others can compensate.

      So best advice: try not to get stressed, download the past papers (http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/chemistry-4402/past-papers-and-mark-schemes), look at the questions on the topics that you are struggling with and try your best to learn the answers from the markschemes. The same types of questions often reappear.

  25. Hi, how come it says that the videos on chemistry unit 2 for SA and rates of reactions and temperature and rates of reactions have been ‘removed by the user’?

        1. No problem and thanks for pointing it out. I try to keep the website up to date but there are two hundred videos and more being added so it’s handy when people notice that something needs fixing. Good luck in your exams.

  26. Hey, I really love the work you are putting into this to help students and I want to thank you very much as your videos have been extremely helpful :) Can I ask whether you will post any videos on B3, C3 and P3? My exams are very close and and i’m finding it difficult to revise for those.

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I’m afraid that I’m currently working on unit 1 videos and won’t be doing the unit 3 until after the exams. Sorry about that but I hope that you find the other videos useful.

    1. Hi. These videos are written for the AQA spec since that’s the one I use in my school. However, the scientific content will be appropriate for a lot of the OCR course but you’ll need to check the OCR specification to make sure.

    1. Are you doing Double Science or Triple Science (ie separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)? If you’re doing Double Science, then you only do units 1 and 2.

    1. The mass of 1 mole is the relative formula mass but in grams.

      If you have more than 1 mole then the mass in grams is the Mr x number of moles.

  27. Hey there! First of all I would like to thank you for you videos and secondly I have a question. In your video on Biology unit 2 on Mitosis you said it happens during asexual reproduction but I thought it only happens in body cells and meiosis happens in sex cells

    1. Hi. Mitosis does happen in body cells, mainly for growth and repair of damaged tissue. However, in some organisms such as plants (and also certain quite simple animals) it can be used as part of asexual reproduction. In mammals (including humans) however, mitosis is only used for growth and repair.
      Meiosis is used for SEXUAL reproduction ie to make gametes. In humans it only takes place in the testes and ovaries. Hope that’s ok and please feel free to ask any further questions.

  28. Hey there! I was looking through your physics unit 2 playlist specifically the final topic (radioactivity) and there seems to be no video on the life cycle of stars? Your videos are very beneficial to me and I possibly can not thank you enough so It would be very helpful if you could direct me to it. Thank you in advance

  29. @Man these videos , i cant thank you enough for these ,
    i knew nothing about science , i was stroking D’s on my mocks
    i was able to revise the whole of physics in 1 night by watching the videos consecutively , i achieved an A* in physics an A in biology and an A in chemistry , only becuase of the videos , my teachers where shocked and asked how much i revised , i told them i only watched videos to revise , and recommended this website to other students in the years below keep up the amazing work and thankyou so much :)

    1. Excellent, I’m really glad that the videos worked for you and well done on those results. Thanks for passing on the word and good luck in all your exams.

  30. Hi thanks for the videos they helped so much with my chemistry and biology GCSE last week! For physics I’m really struggling on what ac and dc current are, how it works and where they are used. I think this may be unit 3+2 but I’m really confused.

  31. omg i love your videos, there so fast paced and get onto the main concepts of the lesson = great for revision.
    Literally mygcsescience bores me and this is really helping, wish Id found out about this website earlier!

    1. Keep watching because I’m about to upload the first five. My plan is to get as many on as possible before the exam. If everything goes smoothly, then I should have them all on.

  32. HIII, first of all thank you so much forr your work!
    iv learned a great amount of stuff from this website

    I just wanted to ask when the biology unit 1 is going to be uploaded as i have my final gcse exams in a few weeks now…
    plus this is the ONLY website that helps me revise and its so simple and less complicated i honestly understand everything here so i wanted to revise b1 before exams!


    1. Thanks for the comments. I’m glad that you’re finding the website useful. I’m now uploading the B1 videos and plan to have them all done before the exam.

  33. Your videos are awesome, they’re great for understanding the concepts of hard topics. I was watching your Physics Unit 1 Topic 1 (Energy Transfer) and there seems to be no videos on condenstation? Is this because its not on the syllabus because my teaacher taught it in school

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I haven’t made a video on condensation because it’s mentioned in the Chemistry 1 videos (especially fractional distillation). However, I will make a separate one for P1 before the P1 exam.


    1. Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. There are no unit 3 videos on yet as I’m just finishing the unit 1 videos before the exams start. However, I will be doing unit 3 in time for the exams in 2016.

  35. Hello!
    I thought Id leave a comment just to thank you…. Honestly thank you so much, I don’t think you know how much your videos have been helping me and therefore how greatful I am for all your work….
    My school taught me Btec science in year 9 and 10, back then I was bottom set. At the end of year 10, they decided to enter me for Core Gcse (foundation). At the time I wanted to get at least a C because I never wanted to do a BTec anyway as I want to study Biology at A level… The only problem was that I knew literally nothing and had weeks until the exam… So I struggled so much because all I did was read and try to memorise the specification. thankfully I was able to pass the exam so this year I studied Additional science. I was desperate as I wanted to get an A* but I knew that the ‘memorise the specification’ technique wouldn’t be enough. So one day I went on youtube and searched something and one of your videos came up. After I watched it I was shocked: something which I couldn’t understand no matter what I did explained in 2 minutes… Was enough for me to finally get my head around it! I spent my Easter holidays watching your videos and have done my exam last week and am very confident, I think I’ll get at least an A, and this woudn’t have been possible without your videos..
    Right now I’m studying for Core as I need to retake it to get an A/A* and think I FINALLY UNDERSTAND IT this time!!
    Your videos are fabuolous and you are such an amazing teacher ! You make everything sound so easy thank you so very much!!
    Oh, and I read that you’re going to make videos and maybe publish a book with the Biology A level content, I hope you do because something’s telling me it will help me so much. I know you mentioned how the books would be cheap but to be honest even if that wasnt the case I’d still try to get them because your help is just priceless!
    So thank you so much again…
    You’re literally a lifesaver !!

  36. Hi I’m watching your videos like crazy because they are so helpful. I’ve watched all the B1’s that you’ve uploaded and just wondering if that’s all of them or if there are any more to come up?

  37. Your videos are amazing, thank you so much for providing them!!
    If you ever get the time, will you be able to make videos on analyzing data for the science subjects? They always come up in exams and I genuinely cannot work them out.

  38. Hello! Thank you for your more than perfect videos they have helped me greatly in improving my science grades. I have a quick question, is it better if the payback time takes longer or if it takes a shorter amount of time? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. Ideally payback time will be short since that means that you’re getting very good value for money. Good luck in your exams.

  39. oh my gosh thankyou so much you have saved my life i have mocks in two weeks and i am revising for those. i go to a very good school but still you are better than any of those teachers. they explain things to me in the space of a 50 minute lesson and sometimes i don’t understand but with you all it takes is a three minute video and its stuck in my head. i’m going to recommend watching your videos to all my friends

    1. Thanks for the comments and I’m glad that you’re finding the videos helpful. I hope that you get the mock grades that you want and thanks for recommending the videos to your friends.

  40. I can’t begin to explain my gratitude. It’s ineffable, in a brilliant manner. If I ever meet you, I promise I’ll buy you lots of chocolates. (Assuming you aren’t diabetic, that is.)

    Anyway, in all seriousness. I’m more than glad I found this website (from YouTube BTW) I have my AQA Core Science IGCSEs in 2016 so I’m considering myself lucky for my well-timed discovery. I’m just hoping you’ll cover all the topics by the end of this year :)
    Also, not to bug you but is there anyway I could apply for a subscription on this website? So I get a notification whenever a new video is uploaded.
    ThankYou sooooo much!

    1. Hi. I’m glad that you’re finding the videos so useful and they will all be done in time for your exams in 2016. All of units 1 and 2 are done so I’ll be putting together the unit 3 videos in the next few months. At the moment, I’m taking a break to focus on writing revision guides. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel (freesciencelessons) and you’ll get an email every time a new video is uploaded. Keep watching and good luck in 2016.

  41. Hey, i would greatly appreciate if you upload videos of Blood and circulation mostly about cardiac cycle. I have a lot of trouble understanding these and your videos always make me come around stuff i don’t know. Thnx.

  42. I know exams are next year but I was wondering that the protons in the nucleus and the electrons attract .

    But then why does the electron orbit the nucleus and not move towards the protons so that they can both touch each other?
    For example when two magnets that are attracted to each other touch .

    1. Hi good question. Electrons can only exist in certain “permitted” energy levels. This is an effect of quantum dynamics. Interestingly, electrons demonstrate properties of both particles and waves and we can’t even say exactly where an electron is, only the probability that it may exist in a certain area.

  43. Hello there,
    I was just wondering when will the A level Chemistry and Bioogy videos be up?
    Throughout majority of my revision for GCSE’s, i used your website and thankfully, i feel comfortable with the exams. But I know i personally struggle with Chemistry mostly, and i am doing that subject for A level to get into vet med :(

      1. Oh okay dokie, thanks so much for all your efforts in making these magnificent videos that have helped not only me but SO many others too xox

  44. hey sir i just wanted to ask whether ur going to cover the full 2 year course of a level biology and chemistry btw thank u very much for the gcse videos

    1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. I hope that you got (or will get) the GCSE grades that you want. I will be making Biology and Chemistry videos for A level but that won’t be for a while. The government is changing the Science GCSE courses so I’ve got a load more GCSE videos to make. However, it is in my plan to cover A level as well.

  45. Hello,
    First of all I would like to thank you for the amazing GCSE’s videos that you have produced, they have helped SO much, thank you very much.
    I would just like to ask you a few very relevant questions…
    1) Has the sciences specifications changed? If so, how much?
    2) Will there be any chance at all that you can upload the new specification or make a ticklist of the things that we NEED to know for the exams in 2016, for example… “Must know the list of factors that effect the rate of photosynthesis” etc???
    Thank you. I really hope you can reply as soon as possible.

    1. Hi and I’m sorry it has taken me such a long time to reply. I think your message was buried in the server.

      The new GCSE spec is quite different. Lots of things from the current spec have disappeared and a lot of new areas have been added. Also, the depth of knowledge needed seems significantly higher as well.

      I cannot upload the new specifications but you can find the AQA ones here (http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse). However, they are still in the approval process so they’re not yet fully finalised. I will be making new videos to cover everything in the new spec.

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    Thank you for you FANTASTIC videos. They massively helped during my exams. I am particularly grateful for the fact that you tell us which questions often come up.

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    P.S, I’m so grateful for the GCSE videos you’ve made, they helped me so much. You are truly a wonderful teacher. Many thanks.

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    Can you please make A-Level videos covering Biology and Chemistry

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  52. Thank You for all the effort that you have clearly put into these video’s, They are helping a lot, but I’m just curious, do you know when B3 will be on the site? Thank You : )

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m filming my first B3 videos tomorrow and you’ll see them being uploaded over the next few days. Then you’ll see around 5 per week until they’re all done (so in around five weeks).

  53. Hi i don’t know where can i find the videos for physics unit 2 i am on this website for the first time so don’t know any thing about it please could you help. Thank you

  54. Hello your video have been a great help to me and i have recommended you to many students in my school.i would like to give 1 suggestion that why dont you go through a past paper question at the end of the topic thanks anyway

    1. Yes everything you need to learn and understand is covered. However, remember that in the exams, you may get questions which expect you to interpret data, or ask you to suggest. You can prepare for those by doing lots of past-paper questions.

  55. hi sir, your videos have been such great help! and thanks to you i have progressed a lot and have been put in higher tier for all my science exams. you are are much better teacher than my actual science teachers!

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  58. Wow, I’m so appreciative of your work for students. I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and I’m undertaking my GCSE biology a year early as a Triple science student. Thank you for everything and please keep continuing your great work! Any extra tips for someone who has their GCSE bio exam in a months time? ( I’ve already seen your videos on how to revise effectively)

    1. Thanks for the comment. The best advice is 1. Watch all the videos several times and 2. Do loads of past-papers and mark them. Look carefully at what the examiners are looking for. Good luck.

  59. Hello,
    First of all, I would like to thank u for the hard work that you have put in to create these videos. I know that just a little thanks won’t be enough for all the works that u are doing for. But I really, really thank u from the bottom of my heart. And if there is anything that I can do for u in return, I’m ready to do that.
    I would like to ask u something. I find understanding questions in biology very difficult. So, is there anyway for me to overcome this problem?

    1. Thanks for the comments. I actually enjoy making the videos so it’s not as much work as it looks.

      Lots of students find the Biology questions tricky because it can be hard to work out what you’re meant to do. Really the best way to get better is to keep doing loads of questions and then mark them. It honestly is just practice. You can find all the Biology papers here:


      Hope that’s ok. Also, have you watched my two videos called “How to answer exam questions”? You might find those useful as well as I discuss what certain question words mean. Good luck in your exams.

  60. These videos are brilliant and have really helped me to revise most of the content I need quickly. However I was wondering are the videos specific to a certain exam board or are they useful for any exam board? I’m taking AQA.
    (P.S: thank you so much for making these! They’re the most helpful videos I’ve ever come across and it’s amazing that they’re completely free – I’ve been recommending them to everyone I see :’D).

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    1. Ahaha just to ask did you purely watch his videos. They’re absolutely great and they helped me so well in Physics especially. However I was wondering if you had any more tips.

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      1. I did find it hard, mainly because there were lots of application questions in it unlike previous exams, but I’m sure it will be fine – if everyone struggled, than the grade boundaries will be lower.

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    Everett Jones

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    1. It’s perfectly normal to be anxious before exams. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you CAN do it. If you feel anxious, pick a topic and watch the videos. That will take your mind off your anxiety and you’ll be learning. Good luck.

  70. These videos are really great!!! For my science GCSEs all I have been doing is watching all of the videos (like 3 times each), and just jotting down notes. I started off using textbooks but I never had a clue what they were talking about because there is way too much Information. IN my mocks I went into my exams knowing noting because I tried to revise from textbooks, but since watching theses videos I have done lots of past papers, and getting either A’s or A*!!!! So good!

  71. I am currently on year 9-KS3. This week on Wednesday/Friday I have the last KS3 assessment which will test us on all things we have done from September 2015 to May 2016. Our exam will test us on Biology and Chemistry. I wanted your advice to give me a list of your videos to watch which are the most important ones and also the videos that provide information/facts which frequently come up on exams.

    Thank You so much, your videos have helped me a lot.
    Please reply as soon as possible as my exam may be on 22/06/2016 or 24/06/2016

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I’d love to help you but I don’t know what your school has taught you or what could be on the exams. My videos cover GCSE rather than KS3. The best advice I can give is to ask your teachers for a list of topics and then let me know so I can tell you if any match my videos.

  72. Sir,
    Thanks a lot for these videos. i am a language student at the age of 45 i have developed an interest to study chemistry after watching these videos. i find it simple and i regret why i did not read chemistry in my early days. unfortunately i did not have a teacher like you who could have inspired me to study these interesting subjects. Thank you. May i know what is your name?

  73. Hi, I am thankful for your videos and I hope you keep up the good work. I used to struggle with science but as soon as I watched your videos I knew I could achieve a good grade (B in biology). The only thing I would like to ask is how would an A/A* student revise for science GCSE? Considering the fact that you are a science teacher

    1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. Students who get A* (or even A) make certain that they LEARN the facts. They don’t just revise them, they memorise them. If you look on my website, you’ll find revision cards covering all the facts that you need to learn.

  74. Hi, thankyou so much for all your hard work on the videos. I can’t possibly explain how much I am indebted to you! I just wanted to ask which exam board your A Level videos are made for, as the GCSE videos were so helpful but I was studying AQA then but I think my school is teaching OCR for A Level Chemistry instead. Is it still worth using the videos if they’re for a different exam board? Thankyou again!

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I do appreciate it. My A level videos are made to address all the exam boards (as the specs cover the same topics very closely now). I haven’t made many A level videos recently as I’ve been busy but I’ll be restarting over the summer holidays.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Past papers are critical to success in the real exams. They allow you to assess your progress and they give you practise of the style of exam questions. However, even though some types of questions repeat, every year there are new ones so people should not assume that they’re going to see every question in advance.

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    1. Yes you could definitely go from grade C to grade A. You’ve got around nine months to sort out your revision. Don’t underestimate it but it’s certainly doable. You should watch my three videos: How to revise and How to answer exam questions 1 and 2.

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    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I’ve already started making A level videos, they’re on my youtube channel. As you know, I have to make the GCSE ones again for the new spec but as soon as I’m finished with those, I’ll go back to making more A level ones.

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  82. Hey!
    Thank you so much for your GCSE videos, you helped me get between 92-100 UMS in all my sciences, i can’t thank you enough! I look forward to later A-Level videos to help with my Chemistry and Biology revision.

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